Vos's Redistricting Plan Sign of _Weakness for Wisconsin GOP

Are Wisconsin's election maps 'rigged'? Here are the reasons the answer is yes

Wisconsin's Democratic governor rejects GOP's surprise redistricting plan

Gov. Evers Blasts Latest GOP Effort to Interfere in Wisconsin Elections by Demanding Legislature-Picked and Legislature-Approved Map Drawers
Wisconsin Republicans notorious for pressuring state's election administrator to resign, pushing to usurp control of state elections, wasting tax dollars on Gableman boondoggle, and passing dozens of voting restrictions to now seek Legislature-picked and Legislature-approved map drawers
Governor: "A Legislature that has now repeatedly demonstrated they will not uphold basic tenets of our democracy--and will bully, threaten, or fire on a whim anyone who happens to disagree with them--cannot be trusted to appoint or oversee someone charged with drawing fair maps.

Defend Justice Canvass-Reedsburg
Sept. 12, 13 and 14
Click this link for more info https://mobilize.us/wisdems/event/580143

If you live in the green area call or write:
Senator Howard Marklein (R) (608) 266-0703 Sen.Marklein@legis.wi.gov
Representative Tony Kurtz (R) (608) 237-9150 Rep.Kurtz@legis.wisconsin.gov

If you live in the pink area call or write:
Senator Dianne Hesselbein (D) (608) 266-6670 Sen.Hesselbein@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Dave Considine (D) (608) 237-9181 Rep.Considine@legis.wisconsin.gov

If you live in the yellow area call or write:
Senator Joan Ballweg (R) (608) 266-0751 Sen.Ballweg@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Alex Dallman (R) (608) 237-9141 Rep.Dallman@legis.wisconsin.gov

If you live in the purple area call or write:
Senator Howard Marklein (R) (608) 266-0703 Sen.Marklein@legis.wi.gov
Representative Todd Novak (R) (608) 237-9151 Rep.Novak@legis.wisconsin.gov

Sen. Hesselbein and Rep. Considine are Democrats. Thank them for supporting Justice Janet Protasiewicz.

For all of the others who are Republicans, let them know you DO NOT support impeachment of Justice Janet. You can say: "Rep. or Senator (fill in the blank,) I'm a constituent, my name is and I live at (your address.) I believe impeaching Justice Janet Protasiewicz is wrong. It is unconstitutional because she has not committed any crime or caused any corruption. I do not want an election overturned."

You may call or write any other legislator as you wish. However, calling the legislator for your area will have the greatest impact. Their staff will record your name and the reason you called. It does have an effect. E-mails are also tracked.

If you are not sure how to say "Protasiewicz" just say Justice Janet. They will know who you mean.

Opinion | GOP plot would negate Wisconsin Supreme Court election
By Spencer Black | local columnist

"However, there is a real coup afoot. In what would be the dirtiest political power play in Wisconsin history, Republican politicians, led by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, are plotting to negate the will of the voters and overthrow the elected majority of the Supreme Court. They appear to be hatching a truly cynical and sinister plot to negate the vote of the public."

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