What Say You?

Pull This Weed

This is the season we pick up winter branches and pull up weeds as we get our gardens prepared for summer growth. It is also the season that our Legislature meets in Madison -- but there is one very big weed in the legislation the Assembly just passed.

For some reason, the Assembly Committee on local government, chaired by Rep. Todd Novak, R-Dodgeville, in the bill supplying state aid to counties and municipalities (Assembly Bill 245), added a provision prohibiting counties and municipalities from holding advisory referendums (with the exception of referendums on expenditures paid by a property tax levy). The Assembly passed this in a vote and Novak voted "yes" for this bill.

Let's be perfectly clear: The Assembly proposes to take away our right to express our opinion on issues by voting on referendums that advise our public officials about what we want.

There can be only one reason for this: They are afraid of our political views made public in referendums. They are afraid because Wisconsin voters have, in referendums, overwhelmingly expressed their desire for fair maps and getting big money out of election campaigns.

We need this weed pulled before it becomes law.

Damian Barta,
Spring Green


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