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Supreme Court vote will determine future fairness in elections

Wisconsin voters must defend democracy this April 4th election. Democracy requires that the majority of voters have the ability to change the balance of the state legislature. Wisconsinites, in at least 56 of the 72 counties, have voted, through advisory referendums, for nonpartisan legislative and congressional maps. However; the legislature's Republican majority opposes establishing a redistricting system that creates nonpartisan maps.

Wisconsin voters' hopes to get fair maps, therefore; must lie in a legal appeal to the courts.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court, in 2022, approved maps scientifically designed to maximize Republican voters' influence while minimizing the effect of Democratic leaning voters on the selection of state and congressional legislators. The court set the standard that the new maps must have the least change from the previous maps. The Wisconsin Constitution does not required that.

On April 4th you can influence creation of a legislature that reflects voters' priorities. Elect Judge Janet Protasiewicz to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. She, like every honest badger, knows the current maps are rigged to favor the party that made the maps.

Judge Janet Protasiewicz's election will increase the ability of Wisconsinites to democratically elect state legislators and congressional representatives that represent the majority of voters.

Bill Dagnon,


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Susan Knower, chair
Dan Holzman, treasurer
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