What Say You?

The following letter is the opinion of the writer. The Baraboo School Board election is a non-partisan race.

Now you know who NOT to vote for

Well, now you know who NOT to vote for.

Recently a flyer was circulated to promote particular Baraboo School Board candidates. In the flyer, the acronym J J S is intended to help the voter remember Joey (Rivas), James (Heyn) and Steve (Paske).

If you want the Baraboo School Board to be embroiled in unproductive controversy regarding banned books and pronouns for the next two years, this is your crew.

I want the school board to address the normal fiscal and educational issues that all districts face during the course of the year, and not get sidetracked with contrived nonsense aimed at sowing divisiveness and chaos.

I want serious board members, not bomb throwing culture warriors. Joey, James and Steve? No thank you.

Susan Knower,


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Susan Knower, chair
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