What Say You?

The following letter is the opinion of the writer. The Baraboo School Board election is a non-partisan race.

De Long and Peterson for Baraboo School Board


Amy De Long is a statewide respected and well known Ho-Chunk doctor who has served on many varied committees. For the eight years that I was a county supervisor with Public Health, her insights and suggestions were invaluable. She was the Eagle feather that enhanced that department's crown. She can and should be that for the Baraboo School board too.

Gwen Peterson works for the Wisconsin Department of Instruction at CESA, which provides help for all kinds of educational needs, from school planning to drivers training, from coaching to substitute teaching, for any and all school problems that need addressing. Gwen used to be the head of Baraboo's Special Ed Department. That's how I met her. She helped my son, my disabled son, by approving an outside the box program when her budget was being cut back. For that, I am grateful. Peterson's life has been devoted to public school parents and students.

Today's times present a call for understanding and acceptance from all of us, not name calling and thoughtless accusations. Let's give authority to the wise, to the experienced.

John Miller


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