The Republican Tax Bill

by Allegra Zick

To quote Bernie Sanders, “At a time of massive inequality, this budget provides $1.9 trillion in tax breaks for the top 1%. This is not a bad budget bill, it is a horrific bill.” Why? Over the next decade $1 trillion is cut from Medicaid  and $47.3 billion from Medicare. Only Republicans supported it.  Tammy Baldwin’s and Sanders’ proposed amendments were blocked by the Republicans who did not want it exposed that the tax bill benefited the Koch brothers, Donald Trump, and their billionaire friends. Baldwin’s amendment to prevent increasing the deficit in order to fund tax cuts for millionaire and billionaires was also blocked. This budget will cut health care, food stamps, the earned –income credit, child tax credit, supplemental security for disabled and children, and Pell grants for education harming the most vulnerable, and working families will pay in order to keep taxes low for the 1% for the next ten years.

There will be stunning cuts to everything outside of the military, not seen since the time of Herbert Hoover which includes services that contribute to our safety, health, environmental and water and sewage protections, medical research, modern infrastructure, and education.

Moral responsibilities to our fellow Americans

by Bill Dagnon

Americans are suffering, you have heard of the hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, fires in California. Thousands lost their homes and some their lives.

But we Americans help each other! People dropped their normal life and helped in person or through contributions. Congress has approved $51.8 billion to help those suffering from these disasters and expects to approve more.

Addiction is ruining millions of American lives! The Center for Disease Control estimated over 64,000 deaths from drug overdoses in 2016, 35,000 from opioids. The President declared a health emergency. Fifteen Senators introduced the Combating the Opioid Epidemic Act providing $4.5 billion/yr. for substance abuse programs and research.

These are responsibilities we must meet through our government. However in a country founded on the self-evident truth that all human beings are created equal we must always work together, not just in emergencies. Yes, financing our government to assist each other is our responsibility as American citizens.

Call and/or email your congressional representative and Senators and tell them to only vote for bills that require a greater contribution of the people and corporations who benefit most from our public resources to help fund our moral responsibilities to our fellow Americans.

The sins of the father

There are some flaws in the behavior of our current president and his attitude toward people who are different than he is. For example: blacks, gays, Jews, Muslims and a host of others.

Donald Trump was raised in a household that did not value the lives of these minorities. His father, Fred, was arrested in 1927 for attacking black demonstrators during a KKK rally in Queens, New York. His name and criminal behavior appear in New York Times, June 1, 1927.

Later, when Fred had established a real estate empire, he and Donald were sued by the Justice Department for allegedly barring blacks from the rentals they ran as chairman and president of Trump Management. An investigation later found a long history of racial bias in the firm’s properties according to the Washington Post, Jan. 23, 2016.

These examples of discriminatory behavior in the Trump family have been refuted by the current White House occupant as “fake news.” He says “it’s a completely false, ridiculous story,” when responding to accusations against his father.

Yet another Trump lie to cover up the racist bigotry of his father and himself. Unfortunately we are stuck with this man as President of our country.

Nick Kelly
Baraboo, WI 53913

Changing things in America

September 26, 2017

Letter to the Editor
Baraboo News Republic
714 Matt’s Ferry Road
Baraboo, WI 53913

Dear neighbor:

Looking for something to personally change things in America? How about a look at the company’s you support and buy products from? Have they provided support to our neighbors in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico? Do they offer support to the local food pantry, boys and girls club, senior center? Do they pay a decent wage and full-time employment? Are their products quality, with no need for an insufficient one year warranty? Have you contacted a board member to communicate what’s needed in your community? WAL-MART, Menards, or Festival Foods can all benefit from your experiences and knowledge about what is important in your hometown. Providing a product isn’t just about price, there is a larger picture for America.

Equifax has left 143 million Americans with a data breach. What were the board of directors doing while their company was failing to provide responsible security? Were they looking out for shareholders, or their customers? Is it time to suggest customers elect the board and the CEO, instead of stock holders?

Get informed and get involved! Turn off the texting and selfies, contact a board member or CEO about something positive you want done in your community. And, remember to VOTE!

Beverly Simonds
537 Carignan Court
Baraboo, Wisconsin

Fired Up for Tammy! Picnic

We’re having a Fired Up for Tammy picnic on Saturday, July 8 at Steinhorst Park shelter, 1700 Parkgate Drive, Baraboo. (At Jose’s, go north up the hill on Jefferson, past the assisted living facility, turn right onto 15th Street and you’re almost there.)

We’ll have the grill going from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Bring a dish to share! Sodas and water provided. Live music by the Hoot Owls and bluesman Mark Tully. Special guest Rep. Dave Considine. Drop in for a few minutes or a few hours.

This is a rain or shine, family-friendly event. Bring your own folding chair just in case!