The Baraboo News Republic

by Daniel Holzman

The First Amendment is the most important amendment in the Constitution. Sauk County has been blessed for years to have a free press in the form of the Baraboo News Republic. Many small towns and counties across the nation do not have a daily newspaper, not to mention an award-winning, high-quality daily paper.

The Baraboo News Republic has fantastic reporters and columnists. Investigative-reporter Tim Damos has faithfully and doggedly covered committees and the full County Board when supervisors on the County Board put up obstacle after obstacle. He exposed the dirt and held local government accountable.

Weekly papers for the most part do not have the staff or dollars to fully cover local government. They only print once a week and are not timely enough for citizens to be informed and act quickly to hold politicians accountable. Some politicians use lag time to rush through their hidden agendas before citizens can act. There is a good turnover in the County Board due to concerned citizens being informed and running for office.

The new and improved Board of Supervisors needs to continue to be held accountable. Democracy depends on the Free Press. Name the Baraboo News Republic the county paper.

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