Trumps turned swamp into toilet

by Dave Wester

Originally published at The Wisconsin State Journal

For decades the federal government had only occasional scandals. Since conservatives took over in 2016, we’ve experienced a virtual blizzard of scandals. We’ve seen porn stars, nepotism, racism and wealthy Cabinet members who rip off taxpayers with $31,000 dining sets, $43,000 unnecessary phone booths and exorbitant travel expenses.
We have an unqualified education secretary who fails to visit poorly performing schools, and a tax cut for the rich coupled with a trillion-dollar spending spree leading to an increase in the national debt. The president has refused to condemn Russia for election meddling, and his family has suspicious relationships with Russian officials.

The Trump administration can be described in one word: Stormy.

President Donald Trump’s tariff policies threaten to increase the cost of farmers’ equipment (steel) and shrink their markets for cheese and corn in Mexico, and soybeans and pork in China. The proposed tariffs have caused erratic swings in the stock market.
Failing to criticize Trump, conservatives wallow in the gutter with him. We desperately need a Congress that is willing to put ethics and country over party. Draining the swamp is no longer appropriate. It’s time to flush the toilet.
Think about that before November when you pull the lever.

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