Give your vote to a good Board candidate

By Nick Kelly, Baraboo, WI

We are in big trouble at the Sauk County Board.  The most distinct problem is that of Chairman Marty Kreuger who has created his own brand of chaos and mis-management. And he has his minions who willingly do his bidding.

But there are some very decent honest Board members who are frustrated with the stranglehold that exists.

And there is an election coming up on April 3 where you can help choose qualified members for the next Board.

Here’s  a listing of my favorite candidates:

District 2, Tom Kriegl; District 3, Charles Whitsell; District 4, Pat Rago; District 5, Robert Newport; District 6, John Dietz; District 11, Glen Johnson; District 13, Kristin White Eagle; District 14, Shane Gibson; District 15, Peter Vedro; District 16, John Miller; District 17, Tim Rippen; District 18, Scott Von Asten; District 19, Bryant Hazard; District 20, Matt Joyce; District 22, Jean Berlin; District 23, Kevin Lins; District 24, Dave Riek; District 25, Sandy Vieth; District 26, LaNell Jaquish; District 27, Scott Alexander; District 28, Bill Hambrecht and finally District 42, Valerie McAuliffe.

Vote for these Sauk County Board members on April 3.

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