Guns and violence

By Sam Pocernich

In February Democratic lawmakers sent a letter to Governor Scott Walker, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, and Speaker Robin Vos urging them to pass bills related to guns and violence.

According to the Cap Times on February 20th 2018, ‘Vos dismissed the move as a media stunt, arguing Democrats could have called him personally if they were serious. “This is all about politics, and I think it’s really sad and it’s really cynical because they are preying on the fears of some Wisconsinites and asking it for their own political purposes, “ Vos said.’

Then the Republicans shot down a background checks bill. Representative Kathleen Bernier, a Republican, said she didn’t necessarily disagree with the proposal but she objected to the process by which the Democrats brought the bill to the floor.

So our legislators are not voting on the issues per se, but they are voting based on how they feel. If this is what passes for leadership in Wisconsin, then fill in the blank.

We already know Congress and the White House are dysfunctional. If we can’t start by cleaning up our own state this year, then we certainly get what we deserve and demanded.

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