The GOP tax bill

by Allegra Zick

Persons of middle and lower incomes are in for a big disappointment because of the provisions in the tax bill fabricated by the GOP without input from Democrats.  Only those of wealth, including Trump will benefit. The tax cuts to the wealthy will add $1.5 trillion to the federal budget that will mean cuts, cuts, and more cuts. Where once the GOP had an aversion to debt, now they see it as an opportunity to roll back Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, not recognizing that workers have paid into those programs with every paycheck. Another onerous and damaging provision calls for the tuition assistance for graduate assistants to be taxed as income. This will ensure that advanced degrees become exclusive for the very rich who do not need assistance to finance their education. It will worsen the already significant racial disparities and be a direct shameful attack on student loan borrowers. Universities will be hampered from having the researchers who will develop ways to better the health and welfare for all. Even employers who care about a well-trained workforce will find their employer-provided aid would become taxable. Why are GOP legislators at war against educators? Could it be because most vote Democrat?

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