The sins of the father

by Nick Kelly

There are some flaws in the behavior of our current president and his attitude toward people who are different than he is. For example: blacks, gays, Jews, Muslims and a host of others.

Donald Trump was raised in a household that did not value the lives of these minorities. His father, Fred, was arrested in 1927 for attacking black demonstrators during a KKK rally in Queens, New York. His name and criminal behavior appear in New York Times, June 1, 1927.

Later, when Fred had established a real estate empire, he and Donald were sued by the Justice Department for allegedly barring blacks from the rentals they ran as chairman and president of Trump Management. An investigation later found a long history of racial bias in the firm’s properties according to the Washington Post, Jan. 23, 2016.

These examples of discriminatory behavior in the Trump family have been refuted by the current White House occupant as “fake news.” He says “it’s a completely false, ridiculous story,” when responding to accusations against his father.

Yet another Trump lie to cover up the racist bigotry of his father and himself. Unfortunately we are stuck with this man as President of our country.

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