Changing things in America

September 26, 2017

Letter to the Editor
Baraboo News Republic
714 Matt’s Ferry Road
Baraboo, WI 53913

Dear neighbor:

Looking for something to personally change things in America? How about a look at the company’s you support and buy products from? Have they provided support to our neighbors in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico? Do they offer support to the local food pantry, boys and girls club, senior center? Do they pay a decent wage and full-time employment? Are their products quality, with no need for an insufficient one year warranty? Have you contacted a board member to communicate what’s needed in your community? WAL-MART, Menards, or Festival Foods can all benefit from your experiences and knowledge about what is important in your hometown. Providing a product isn’t just about price, there is a larger picture for America.

Equifax has left 143 million Americans with a data breach. What were the board of directors doing while their company was failing to provide responsible security? Were they looking out for shareholders, or their customers? Is it time to suggest customers elect the board and the CEO, instead of stock holders?

Get informed and get involved! Turn off the texting and selfies, contact a board member or CEO about something positive you want done in your community. And, remember to VOTE!

Beverly Simonds
537 Carignan Court
Baraboo, Wisconsin

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